Nevada online casino – Legal online casinos in Nevada

Nevada, the gambling haven on the USA’s West Coast has recently legalised online gambling, triggering the development of more and more gaming sites with high payouts and favourable odds. People are drawn to Nevada, especially to Las Vegas, to gamble and have fun in the many casinos that has put the tiny desert town on the map. The good news for those that live there is they do not have to leave the comfort of their own home to play their favourite casino games. You can play in any room of the house, lay in bed or sat watching your favourite TV programme.

What can I play?

You can play all of the casino games you would expect to be able to play in an actual real casino, this includes roulette and blackjack. If your preference is slot machines then you can play these online too. Playing is easy, and you will find very little difference between placing your chip on a roulette table or clicking your mouse on the number you want. To make it even easier, your winnings automatically go into your gaming account for you to either withdraw or to continue playing with.

What sites can I use?

Not all sites are regulated in Nevada, but many of the well known Nevada casinos have online apps where you can play, these include Treasure Island and MGM Resorts. William Hill, one of the worlds largest betting companies has a well established online casino that is regulated for Nevada residents to play. VegasCasinoOnline offer a huge 400% welcome bonus up to $10,000 and LasVegasUsa offer 150% welcome bonus up to $3,000. Terms and conditions will apply to any bonus you are given.

How to register online

Setting up an online gaming account is typically relatively straight forward. Once you have chosen a reputable site that is regulated by the state of Nevada, you will need to create you online account. You will have to be over 21 and living in Nevada to legally be allowed to play. You use the online form to fill in all your personal details and register you preferred payment method. Then you simply make a deposit into your online account and you are ready to place your first bet. It really is that simple.

Playing safe

Make sure the site you choose to play on is reputable and has a responsible gaming policy and privacy policy. When you are inputting your bank details, make sure that the browser bar is showing that the site is secure. This means no one is going to able to access your financial information or steal your identity.

Setting limits

All responsible gaming sites will all allow you to set spending limits, either daily, weekly or monthly limits that once you reach you will not be allowed to deposit any more money until the set period is over. This is to ensure you do not gamble more than you can afford, and it helps to ensure the gambling you enjoy remains fun.